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Universal Multi-Device Charging Station (MV-UNI-6)

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MobileVision MV-UNI-6 Charging Station

The MobileVision multiple-device charging station organizer is the ideal solution for charging everyone’s devices—whether at home, at work, or in the classroom.

At Home

The charging valet by MobileVision is convenient for your family and for your guests. It’s a safe bet that visitors and overnight guests will be carrying at least one electronic device with them. The multi-device charging station neatly organizes everyone’s gadgets in one place so guests aren’t crawling under furniture or needlessly searching for an outlet to plug in their phone or tablet. Your family will love having all their devices in one place—no more searching between couch cushions or under piles of magazines to find your gadgets when you’re running out the door!

At Work

Multi-charge stations are ideal for the work environment. Virtually everyone carries a smartphone today, at a minimum—why not provide employees with a place to charge their phones and other devices? Adding multiple charging stations throughout the office reduces the number of unsightly cords around and under desks, and provides a convenience to employees.

In the Classroom

Kids are increasingly using devices like tablets, laptops, and other personal electronics in the course of their learning. If, as a teacher, breaking up arguments over who gets the outlet to charge a device sounds like a nightmare, multi-device charging stations are your solution.


The beauty of this charging station is that it simply needs to be plugged in, and … voilà! Stylish, functional, compact, and easy to use, the MobileVision valet charges up to six devices simultaneously. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets, as well as all other smartphones, phablets, and tablets that use a micro-USB charging connector (use included micro-USB charging cables). Note that the multi-device charger does not charge devices that do not accept an Apple or micro-USB connector, such as the Nook HD/HD+ and others.

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MOBILEVISION Charging Station


  • Six customizable USB ports power smartphones, tablets, and electronic gadgets.
  • Includes three 8" micro-USB charging cables for charging compatible devices, including the new Galaxy S5 and Note 3 w/ micro USB 3.0 ports.
  • Devices can fit in dock without removing cases (slot widths 11mm - 19mm).
  • Clutter-free design hides extra cord length; durable finish looks great even after heavy use.
  • Less expensive than six individual wall chargers; more organized than USB splitters and multi-outlets.

Note: Not compatible with charging cables less than 8 inches long.
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