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Universal Multi-Device Charging Station (MV-UNI-6)

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MobileVision MV-UNI-6 Charging Station

The MobileVision charging station is the perfect solution for charging everyone's devices at home, in the office, and in the classroom.

At Home

Show your guests a new level of hospitality and simplicity with our quietly sophisticated Charging Station. The job of a host never seems to get any easier. Whether you’re a parent looking after your kids or simply entertaining family and guest, one thing that shouldn’t be a concern is worrying about someone’s phone or tablet dying.

Nowadays everyone seems to have at least one device on them.  Family gatherings and visiting friends almost always leads to drained batteries and useless smartphones and tablets. Don’t force your guests to search for unused outlets in convenient locations, unplugging lamps or other items just to make room for everyone to charge.

At Work

Provide the benefit of convenient charging in your office with our low-cost multi-device Charging Station. People are going to charge their phones or tablets, and the last thing you want as a professional is your employees or clients wasting time or getting frustrated looking for open AC ports around your office.

The search for power can lead to moving chairs and other furniture around, ruining your carefully arranged layout. Not to mention unattractive cables cluttering your work area or cords stretched out across walkways creating accidents waiting to happen. Offer your clients and workers some assistance when their devices need the extra charge by adding a Charging Station to your office.

In the Classroom

Make sure your classes’ tablets are charged and organized the easy way, with the Charging Station. The idea of bringing tablets into the classrooms promised to make classrooms less cluttered with books and other paper materials, but the ugly reality includes messy piles of tablets and cords fighting for an outlet to charge from.


Simply place this elegant block on a table, counter, or shelf. Plug it in, and you’ll have a compact, great-looking charging station for up to six devices.  The Charging Station is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, as well as Android phones and tablets. Best of all, most tablets will fit in the Charging Station with their protective cases still on. Meaning your tablet will remain safe and covered even during charging.  Your devices are secured neatly and organized offering some relief to an already chaotic environment.

The charging station charges all iPhones and iPads (use Apple certified USB charging cables), and all other smartphones, phablets, and tablets that use a micro-USB charging connector (use included micro-USB charging cables), including the new Galaxy S5 and Note 3 w/ micro USB 3.0 ports. Does not charge devices that do not accept an Apple or micro-USB connector, such as the Nook HD/HD+ and others.

So, don’t wait. Order a Charging Station today, and make those messy piles of tablets and cords a thing of the past.

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MOBILEVISION Charging Station


  • Six customizable USB ports power smartphones, tablets, and electronic gadgets
  • Includes three 8" micro-USB charging cables for charging compatbile devices, including the new Galaxy S5 and Note 3 w/ micro USB 3.0 ports
  • Devices can fit in dock without removing cases (slot widths 11mm - 19mm)
  • Clutter free design hides extra cord length; durable finish looks great even after heavy use
  • Cheaper than six individual wall chargers; More organized than USB splitters and multi-outlets

Note: Not compatible with charging cables less than 8 inches long.

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