Do you read your books on an iPad or Nexus? Is your jogging route tracked by GPS on your iPhone? Do you read breaking news at 30,000 feet on a Samsung Galaxy or Microsoft Surface? If so, consider yourself an official mobile/wireless, texting, tweeting, social-media-consuming, very-small-screen-movie-watching gadget enthusiast. So are we. We're CE Supply, a small group of talented people, dedicated to finding and creating amazing accessories for great devices like iPhones, iPads, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and Surface. Our goal is to offer the best products with the latest features and sleek designs without the sticker shock. Welcome to our store.

On our site you’ll find the latest phone chargers, USB charging stations, iPhone charging stations, and more. Our cell phone charging station organizers are both functional and stylish, helping you keep your devices in one place and constantly charged. We carry an ample selection of tablet and phone covers to help protect your devices from scratches, scuffs, and (gulp) the ever-dreaded cracked screen. We even carry a selection of vegan “leather” cases for those who want to ensure their protective cases are cruelty-free.

Our sport armbands are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and gym-goers who need easy access to their iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, while our wallet pocket cases keep your cash, credit cards, ID, and iPhone together in a single compact and organized case that fits easily in your pocket.

CE Supply has everything you need to keep your gadgets organized—browse our selection of quality products. 

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